Center for Advanced Systems

Matter under Extreme Conditions

Earth System Research

Systems Biology

Autonomous Vehicles

Our Mission

CASUS is a unique center for data-intensive digital systems research worldwide. Established in August 2019, it is the first of its kind in Germany.

We take on the challenge of creating digital images of complex systems at unprecedented fidelity in order to predict their interactions and dynamics. We combine innovative methods from mathematics, theoretical systems research, simulations, data and computer science to provide solutions for a range of disciplines – materials science under ambient and extreme conditions, earth system research and systems biology.

CASUS recruits and trains excellent scientists with a mission: the development of visionary tools to propel the digitization of research. Our interdisciplinary teams design information and data science workflows to solve the complexities of current and future problems.


Digital frontier runners

CASUS involved in development of the world‘s largest supercomputer Frontier For one year now, researchers from⁠…