Open Projects

Scientists from external or partner institutes can apply for their own time-limited projects of 1 – 3 years duration in order to work together with CASUS researchers on a specific research question from their discipline. Open Projects are awarded on a competitive basis, providing financial support for joint doctoral and postdoctoral positions. At least one principle investigator (PI) who jointly proposes the project must be a researcher affiliated with CASUS.

For this purpose, a suitably short written application must be submitted which sets out the scientific objectives of the project in comparison with the state of the art. The scientific value resulting from the collaboration must be presented. The proposal must contain a clear timeline with milestones and a justification of the resources applied for, which should typically include one to two postdoctoral positions.

The main criterion for evaluating these applications is the scientific excellence of the application in relation to the current state of research in the disciplines involved in systems research. Another basis for the evaluation is the joint research and development of new digital methods and the transfer of methods through the application, adaptation and extension of existing solutions.

Current Open Projects