The Center for Advanced Systems Understanding unites the partners Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR), Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ), Technische Universität Dresden (Technical University of Dresden – TUD) and Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics (MPI-CBG). This makes it a unique combination of institutes of the Helmholtz Association and the Max Planck Society with the Technische Universität Dresden, a German University of Excellence.

CASUS was founded 2019 in Görlitz/Germany and pursues data-intensive interdisciplinary systems research in such diverse disciplines as earth systems research, systems biology or materials research. The goal of CASUS is to create digital images of complex systems of unprecedented fidelity to reality with innovative methods from mathematics, theoretical systems research, simulations as well as data and computer science to give answers to urgent societal questions.

The founding partners of CASUS are the HZDR in Dresden, the UFZ in Leipzig, the MPI-CBG in Dresden, the Technische Universität Dresden and the University of Wrocław. CASUS, managed as an institute of the HZDR, is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Saxon State Ministry for Science, Culture and Tourism (SMWK).

CASUS is a joint German-Polish research institution. Beyond the successful University of Wrocław partnership, the center seeks to establish more scientific collaborations with Polish research institutions, academic institutions and companies.