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International Office

The International Office at CASUS provides assistance and supports guest professors, scientists and researchers, PhD students and postdocs from all over the world – together with their families and partners – in preparing and organizing their stay in CASUS in Görlitz in order to make it as simple and comfortable as possible.

We aim to be your main point of contact for all issues and queries you may have regarding your visit and stay at CASUS in Görlitz.

Services offered by the International Office include:

  • Providing general information about CASUS and HZDR
  • Supporting visa formalities and contact with the Legal Immigration Office
  • Assistance with formalities that need to be completed upon arrival to Germany
  • Providing general information about procedures with public authorities
  • Assistance with bank formalities or health insurance issues
  • Offering support for families (e.g. helping you to find the right accommodation and/or register your children for kindergarten or school)
  • Organizing and providing information about suitable leisure and recreational activities
  • Organizing and supporting Dual Career options for spouses/partners of CASUS employees
  • Organizing German language courses and supporting decision on which one to choose
  • Supporting integration events
  • Working together with local and internal partners
  • Assistance with all other non-scientific and non-academic practical areas to make you stay or visit as pleasant as possible

We look forward to helping you and giving some helpful recommendations.

Your contact person: