Topical Areas

The networking of the CASUS Research Teams’ research is structurally supported by six defined CASUS Topical Areas. Each CASUS Research Team belongs to at least two of these Topical Areas, they hold joint seminars at regular intervals

  • Scales & Dimensions deals with the dynamic structure of complex systems on different size scales in space and time, the scale-based representation of systems as well as the different scales of various dimensions of phase and state spaces.
  • Interactions & Hierarchies deals with the interaction within and between the scales of complex systems as well as the resulting temporal change and dynamics of the system.
  • Reduction & Emergence deals with the description and analysis of the dynamics of systems’ phase and state spaces.
  • Exploration & Optimization specifically deals with novel approaches to visualization, exploration and optimization in data analysis and simulation.
  • Environment & Variability deals with the influence of incomplete knowledge, system variability and adaptation as well as the influence of the ‘environment’, which is not contained in the system model, on the predictive power of digital images.
  • Data & Prediction deals with the fusion of data from models and measurements and covers topics such as model comparisons, uncertainty quantification and the determination of predictive power.