Mathematical Foundations of Complex System Science


The beauty and fascinating enigmatic nature that complex systems embody might be the driving force behind the ambitions of many scientists in their realm of scientific research. As it turns out, resolving the computational bottleneck of scientific questions being addressed today often appears as the central issue. Our research mission is to accumulate valuable insights in applied and numerical mathematics, especially in their practical applications to these real-world challenges. Hereby, a fulfilling aspect of our work is the ability to construct a bridge between the abstract, theoretical world of pure mathematics and the practical, empirical world of the sciences. This connection serves as a source of immense satisfaction and a driving force behind our ambitions in the realm of scientific research.


  • Prof. Dr. Michael Hecht
  • Juan Esteban Suarez Cardona
  • Azita Hajizade
  • Phil-Alexander Hofmann
  • Alexander Benedix Robles
  • Janina Schreiber
  • Dr. Damar Wicaksono
  • Gentian Zavalani


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