Latest CASUS Open Exchange

CASUS Open Exchange:

  • 12/2020, Görlitz: Inaugural SIDIS Workshop Accelerator programming for data-intensive science
  • 10/2020, Görlitz: CASUS Annual Workshop
  • 09/2020, Görlitz: Workshop Data-driven simulation and PDE learning using Physics-informed neural networks (PINN)
  • 08/2020, Görlitz: Meeting & Workshop with DLR
  • 08/2020, Görlitz: Workshop Data Types and Parallelization on heterogeneous hardware
  • 03/2020, Görlitz: 2. Workshop Interpolation methods in high dimensional spaces
  • 12/2019, Görlitz: 1. Workshop Interpolation methods in high dimensional spaces
  • 11/2019, Dresden: Workshop Particle-Mesh methods in Biology and Physics
  • 10/2019, Wroclaw: Meeting with representatives from Polish scientific institutions
  • 08/2019, Görlitz: CASUS Annual / Inaugural Workshop
  • 05/2019, Dresden: 2. Machine Learning Community Dresden Workshop


New integration method in high dimensional spaces outperforms traditional state of the art algorithms. Applications for this method in Biological imaging and Particle Physics.