The Center for Advanced Systems Understanding (CASUS) is a joint Polish–German research center established in 2019 in Görlitz, Germany. At CASUS, we believe that future research is interdisciplinary and data-driven. Open to researchers across the world, we position ourselves as a strong partner in the digitization of science and draw new scientific connections to address future challenges with the help of digital scientific solutions.

We combine methods from mathematics, systems theory, data science, and scientific computing with the aim to rethink data-intensive systems research. Based on high-quality research data, we develop digital solutions that are used across disciplines. Our cross-disciplinary research teams work on pressing questions, from the consequences of global change on biodiversity to the treatment of cancer, from understanding the formation of organisms and life to our view of our universe.

More than 100 people from almost 30 countries work at CASUS. Learn more about their work and read about the CASUS research groups, the published scientific articles and the published software.

If you are looking for a new challenge in science, check our open positions. If you want to work on a project together with CASUS scientists, then have a look at the exchange programs of the CASUS Scultetus Center.