Following the October workshop “Big data analytical methods for complex systems” in Wrocław (Poland), principal investigators from Wrocław-based science institutions on one hand and CASUS on the other hand met in mid-November in Görlitz to agree on the first tangible cooperations.

The meeting took place at the historical Untermarkt in Görlitz. Michael Bussmann, Scientific Head of CASUS, first gave a brief overview of CASUS. Later on, the results of the October workshop were discussed. In the afternoon, the delegation was introduced to “Altes Kondensatorenwerk”, an old factory that is destined to become the home of CASUS. The visit of the Polish delegation ended with a lively discussion of how to organize the exchange of scientists between their home institutions in Poland and Germany.

One of the outcomes of the meeting was a general agreement on how to design Bachelor’s and Master’s programs of Wrocław University to include CASUS as a place for interesting thesis topics. As the October workshop showed, interest of students from Poland in CASUS is high and so far three matches of student candidates and CASUS supervisors have been found.