This week, more than 100 scientists from all over the world are in Görlitz to participate in the SCCS 2022 conference. It is the fifteenth edition of the SCCS conference series that normally takes place every third year. The last gathering took place in Kiel, Germany in 2017. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the last meeting planned to take place in China had to be skipped.

SCCS is the abbreviation for Strongly Coupled Coulomb Systems. Scientists from the Plasma Physics, Astrophysics, and Condensed Matter Physics communities will present and discuss their cutting-edge research results drawn from a variety of plasma, liquid, and condensed matter systems that are dominated by strong Coulomb interactions.

Attila Cangi of the SCCS 2022 Local Organizing Committee explains what is so special about the event and why he is so proud for the event to take place in Görlitz.

Attila, please tell us why this event is so important for both the research community and you personally?

It is a great pleasure to host the SCCS conference in Görlitz. SCCS is a very renowned conference series going back decades and it is a leading forum for researchers to exchange ideas on this particular line of research. This is also a great opportunity to continue establishing CASUS as a center for top research in the region and increase our visibility to the international level. We have attracted renowned scientists to this conference and will use this opportunity for scientific exchange and for building networks. After two years of almost no in-person meetings, we are equally excited and optimistic to make this happen in Görlitz this summer.

This is the first time that more than 100 renowned scientists are expected to come to Görlitz because of CASUS. What is so appealing about Görlitz as a conference venue?

Görlitz is at a perfect spot to host international visitors. Located at the border to Poland and the Czech Republic, we have access to national and international airports in Dresden, Berlin, Wrocław, and Leipzig/Halle. Locally, Görlitz offers great infrastructure to host such events, and locations such as the conference venue, hotels, and restaurants are conveniently accessible within walking distance. Finally, Görlitz will surely impress our visitors with its beautiful old town and cultural wealth, when they take a break from the scientific sessions.

What are the challenges of the organization?

The ongoing pandemic poses some challenges in organizing a large scientific meeting that involves many international participants. Ensuring a safe environment for all participants is our top priority.

Another challenge was to make sure that participants who are unable to travel for reasons of COVID-19 can be included. We therefore stream presentations, and their associated discussions online for remote participants. This requires a proper technical setup which we arranged with the help of local service companies. Altogether, we are well prepared to host this conference and we look forward to SCCS 2022 in Görlitz!