Görlitz class visits DeltaX school laboratory

At the event “oha! Abenteuer Wissenschaft” (Gosh! The Adventure of Science) last year, scientific institutions in Görlitz and Zittau presented their exciting research to the public. Of course, the Center for Advanced Systems Understanding (CASUS) was also there. Despite rainy weather, the Scultetus meeting place at the Untermarkt in Görlitz was crowded – by the way, also with a very young audience. For them, there was a stamp rally with prizes at the event. CASUS awarded the organization of a class trip to the school laboratory DeltaX at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR). Now it was time to redeem the prize: The winner took his entire class on a quest for light and color.

Directly from Görlitz to Rossendorf to the student laboratory: It could hardly be faster than by bus. After getting off, the 27 young people from a 6th grade class at the Joliot-Curie-Gymnasium in Görlitz got right down to the experiments. The topic of the day were light sources, vision and color mixing. LED boxes, color gyroscopes and spectroscopes were used, for example, to investigate how colors are seen. After four hours of hands-on science, a lunch break and the return trip, the unusual school day ended at 3 p.m. back in Görlitz. “It was an all-around successful day and certainly an experience for the class,” said class and physics teacher Toni Marquardt. “Everyone was focused and everyone experienced and learned something new.”

DeltaX brings natural sciences and research to life through exciting experiments and a real research atmosphere. The experiment days offer a variety of experiments that are thematically based on the curriculum and prepared in an age-appropriate format. The offer itself is free of charge, but not the trip to and from the venue, which is very difficult to organize, especially from the Görlitz area.

The Scultetus Center, which is affiliated with CASUS, is intended to be a scientific meeting place for the three-country region. The concept focuses on promoting the exchange of scientists. Nevertheless, certain Scultetus events are also intended to address school students.