The second meeting in 2023 of scientists from CASUS, an institute of HZDR situated in Görlitz, and the University of Wrocław took place in late January. The guests from CASUS and the hosts in Wrocław each gave three talks to present their science. This time, the main topic were current challenges in mathematics and physics. The meet-up is part of a larger effort – championed by the CASUS-based Scultetus Center – to better connect the science communities of Poland and Germany.

Prof. Grzegorz Karch, head of the Institute of Mathematics at the University of Wrocław, had invited the CASUS delegation to visit Lower Silesia’s most important university city. Dr. Michael Hecht, leader of the Young Investigator Group “Mathematical Foundations of Complex System Science” at CASUS, PhD student Gentian Zavalani and student assistant Phil-Alexander Hofmann had accepted the invitation and presented their work in Wrocław. From the host side, Prof. Maciej Matyka (Institute for Theoretical Physics) and Dr. Szymon Cygan (Institute of Mathematics) gave talks alongside Prof. Grzegorz Karch.

While the first meeting of CASUS and University of Wrocław researchers in early 2023 was about material sciences and astrophysics, this time the exchange of ideas centered around several challenges in mathematics like precise descriptions of 3D shapes and high-resolution calculations of particle interactions. The topics of the talks ranged from “Stable discontinuous stationary solutions of reaction-diffusion systems” (Karch) over “Pore scale fluid flow in complex porous media” (Matyka) to “Interpolation and regression for spectral methods” (Hecht). The scientists present took the chance to also elaborate on future collaborations and other ways of strengthening the connection between the partner institutions. The scientists also agreed on follow-up meetings in the future, e.g., in Görlitz within the framework of the CASUS Institute Seminar series.