Julia is a programming language created at MIT that is well suited for numerical analysis and computational science. It combines the philosophy of Python/R/Matlab in writing codes with ease and the efficiency of C/C++/Fortran without compromising on speed.

This workshop is an introduction to the Julia programming language and its applications and capabilities in scientific software development. The event is planned as a first step towards forming a scientific programming community at CASUS and to bring together scientists considering adopting Julia in their projects and to build up a forum for support and discussion for everyday problems and challenges.

For this reason, the workshop will be held in person at Untermarkt 20, so we can move the social parts of the workshop to the beautiful Görlitz Christmas market. Some of the sessions in the workshop are planned in a more tutorial-like style (e. g. how to install/run Julia on the computer or how to develop in Julia). No prior experiences in Julia are necessary to join the workshop.

However, some knowledge about programming is recommended – maybe gathered from another language like C/C++/Fortran/Python/R/Matlab. Furthermore, since all tutorials will be done in Jupyter notebooks, a running Python installation including Jupyter is mandatory. There will be a trouble shooting session prior to the workshop for questions related to installing Python.


The workshop will be held from December 05 – 07, 2022 as an in-person event at CASUS (lecture room and lounge). Registrations can be done here.