Understanding high energy density (HED) phenomena advances our fundamental understanding of astrophysical objects, enables the discovery of novel materials, and drives technological progress toward sustainable energy solutions. However, the persistence of electronic correlation under these conditions has so far prevented accurate numerical modeling of HED phenomena on various length and time scales. This workshop will bring together experts from across the spectrum of available modeling methods relevant to matter under extreme conditions. Presentations on methods will be complemented by expert contributions on experimental diagnostics in large-scale research facilities.

The goal is to summarize the current state of the art, highlight the current problems of each method, and develop strategies to implement cross-scale methods.


The workshop will be held September 12-16, 2022 as a hybrid event. Interested parties can still sign up for remote participation on the workshop website. For short-notice participation on site in Görlitz, Germany, please contact the organizers (Attila Cangi and Aurora Pribram-Jones).