Virus protection for cars: Why IT security is important for vehicles

Modern cars can do much more than just get from A to B. They are packed with high-tech to make driving safer. This talk will explain why IT security is important now and in the future with regard to autonomous driving and why it is exciting to conduct research in this area. Pia Hanfeld from the Center for Advanced Systems Understanding (CASUS) will first present security vulnerabilities that have now already been successfully exploited. She then gives an insight into the topics of artificial intelligence and autonomous driving.

Görlitz native Pia Hanfeld is a computer scientist working since May 2020 at CASUS. She is currently a doctoral student specializing in an IT security topic from the field of autonomous vehicles.

The event is held in German. Details and the possibility to register for the event can be found here (in-person event) or here (online event). The organizers do not charge any kind of fee.

Location: Langenstraße 23, 02826 Görlitz, room 15