Seminar, Dr. Anja Werner and Dr. Sven Kiele, Research Programmes & International Projects, Staff of the Board, HZDR, Dresden

Anja Werner studied chemistry at the TU Dresden. She obtained her PhD in the field of heterogeneous catalysis. In July 2019, she joined the staff department “Research Programmes & International Projects” at HZDR. Anja is the center’s main contact for the Helmholtz Research Field Energy and is responsible, among other things, for reporting and scientific controlling.

Sven Kiele studied physics at the University of Cologne and obtained a PhD in experimental physics (strongly correlated magnetic and superconducting solids) at TU Dresden in 2006 with working positions at RWTH Aachen, DESY and IFW Dresden. After this, he worked as a Senior Consultant in a technology consulting company with a focus on development topics, ramp-up, quality management and task forces. Sven joined HZDR in 2011 to accompany the integration of HZDR into the Helmholtz Association and the PoF process. Today he is responsible, among other things, for the general PoF-related Helmholtz issues and is the main contact for the Research Fields Health and Matter.

As a new institute of HZDR, CASUS is now also part of the Helmholtz Association. In this context, the ominous acronym PoF may have been mentioned here or there. It stands for Program-oriented Funding. With their talk, Anja and Seven want to familiarize the audience with the PoF as a system and process as well as explain the corresponding organization of the Helmholtz Association behind it. They will briefly shed a light on the history and intention of the PoF. Along with outlining the current process, Anja and Sven will give some insights of what is coming up to you as members of CASUS in the next years.

The aim is to provide sufficient room for questions, so everyone is welcome to ask anything about Helmholtz, PoF, or else!

This is an event directed at CASUS employees. Opening the audience beyond this group is not planned.