Whether the stripes of a zebra or the enchanting patterns on the wings of butterflies – we find many interesting ordered structures in nature. The formation of such patterns can be understood with simple, mathematical models. You will learn how the reaction-diffusion model explains the formation of some of these patterns.

Dr. Sachin Krishnan Thekke Veettil is a systems biologist, and joined the Center for Advanced Systems Understanding (CASUS) in Görlitz in February 2019.

The presentation will be held in English with a live translation to German. Participants will receive a link to a videoconferencing tool where they can choose between both languages.

Details and the possibility to register for this event can be found here. The Volkshochschule Görlitz e.V. does not charge a fee for this event.

Location: Langenstraße 23, 02826 Görlitz | Room 15 and online