The CASUS workshop “Machine learning methods for complex systems science” aims to coordinate and design ML projects that are used at CASUS and beyond. The following list of topics is by no means complete and can be further extended during the workshop:

– PINNs / PDE learning and inferring
– inverse problems (phase retrieval, image reconstruction)
– adaptive optics and  global (black box hyper-parameter) optimisation
– graph neural networks (neuroscience)
– visualisation & image denoising

The workshop is open to students and guests not (yet) connected to CASUS. It will be free-of-charge. Registration for both internal and external participants closed on 20 August. If you have not done so already, please drop a short e-mail with your name and contact details to Michael Hecht to receive the updates on the agenda as well as on further logistics.

The workshop will take place at CASUS in Görlitz (Germany). There will be no possibility to join the event digitally. The workshop will be closed with an informal dinner in one of the town’s many restaurants in the evening.