CASUS Institute Seminar, Dr. Tobias Opialla and Eleonora Nushi, LabHive
Location: CASUS Lecture Room, Görlitz

LabHive, a curated database for test resources

Laboratory testing is essential in the fight against SARS-CoV-2, but reagents, personnel, and equipment are often lacking. Although there are many qualified helpers and other resources, this potential often remains unused. Calls for help are unstructured, and there is no way to visualize, sort, and manage resources. LabHive is a curated database for diagnostic capacity: a digital tool that makes unused resources visible and promotes neutral cooperation structures. We bring together qualified staff, laboratories, and suppliers with diagnostic centers. In this way, we facilitate exchange and enable mutual support such as the provision of workforce, materials, reagents, and equipment. In the future, we hope to collaborate with where2test, to determine where and how much testing is needed so the resources reach the places where they have the most positive impact.