High-performance Computing (HPC) clusters are used for large scale data processing and data analysis, fine grained parallel calculations and simulations of ever increasing fidelity. This three-day course organized by Daniel Kotik (CASUS/HZDR) and Mani Lokamani (HZDR) is meant to introduce learners to the core principles behind the using the HPC clusters HEMERA at HZDR and TAURUS at ZIH TU Dresden, how to connect to it, how to dispatch jobs and retrieve their results, and how to program applications that can harness the full power of this machinery.

Participation in this event is open to all scientists affiliated with CASUS. The organizers will have to approve each application.

The event is organized in a hybrid format. Participation is free-of-charge. Coming to Görlitz is highly encouraged and certain costs related to the trip to CASUS may even be taken over by CASUS.

The full program of the workshop running from 27 to 29 April 2022 as well as the possibility to apply are available here.