CASUS Institute Seminar, Prof. Oliver Sander, Institute of Numerical Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics, TU Dresden

Oliver’s research interests are geodesic finite elements for manifold-valued problems, multigrid methods for nonsmooth problems, nonlinear domain decomposition methods as well as design and development of scientific software computational mechanics. Oliver is the CIO of the School of Science of TU Dresden.

Various models for the mechanics of low-dimensional objects involve degrees of freedom that do not form a linear space. As a result, standard discretization techniques such as finite elements cannot be used for the numerical treatment of such models. Geometric finite elements are a novel way to discretize such problems. They are conforming, and invariant under isometries of the value manifold. Optimal discretization errors have been shown for harmonic maps, and numerical evidence suggests that the discretization error rate behaves similarly in more general situations. Oliver will present the construction of geometric finite elements and give a few example applications.

Due to the developments related to the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic, the talk – planned as part of a meeting in the CASUS premises in Görlitz – did not take place in late 2021 as originally envisioned. We are glad that we can now offer this alternative date. The talk can also be attended via teleconferencing.