CASUS Institute Seminar, Uwe Hernandez Acosta, PhD, postdoc at the Center for Advanced Systems Understanding CASUS, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR)

Uwe received his PhD in physics at the TU Dresden in 2021. During the last period of his PhD, Uwe joined CASUS in 2020 as a postdoc. Since then, Uwe worked on QED.jl, a Monte-Carlo event-generator framework for laser-matter interaction, which will be used, among others, as a simulation tool for fundamental physics experiments at the HED-HIBEF facility to the EuXFEL. He also acts as a lead software developer of minterpy, a modern Python library for high-dimensional polynomial interpolation, optimization and integration.

Abstract of the talk// The European X-ray Free-Electron Laser (EuXFEL) is one of the most advanced light sources currently available and marks the leading edge in for instruments providing highly energetic, ultra-intense laser light to enable particle physics experiments. A key ingredient for the exploitation of the full potential of the EuXFEL is the understanding of the underlying physical theory, where the precision of the the estimate needs to meet the quality of the machine. Usually, quantum electrodynamics acts as the prime example, when it comes to a well-understood and outstandingly precise description of elementary particle processes. However, modern laser facilities (like the EuXFEL) provide highly intense light with a non-trivial temporal structure, where an arbitrary number of ‘photons’ from the light source may interact simultaneously with the colliding particles. In this case, the standard perturbative treatment, e.g. known from quantum electrodynamics, becomes very cumbersome and impractical. This disembogued in the invention of strong-field quantum electrodynamics, which is a theory of electromagnetic interactions within coherent highly intense light. Here, the distinction between an electromagnetic background field and a quantised photon field revealed a vast amount of novel non-linear structures and non-perturbative phenomena.

In this seminar, Uwe will introduce the strong-field description of fundamental processes and class them in the parameter regime reached by the EuXFEL revealing its strong-field prospects.

Uwe will be talking live in Görlitz. However, as the event is organized in a hybrid format that includes a videoconferencing tool by Zoom Inc., people interested in the topic have the chance to also join the talk remotely. Please ask for the login details via