CASUS Institute Seminar, Jeronimo Castrillon, Chair for Compiler Construction, cfaed – Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden, Germany

Jeronimo received the Ph.D. degree (Dr.-Ing.) on Electric Engineering and Information Technology with honors from the RWTH Aachen University in Germany in 2013. From early 2009 to 2013 he was the chief engineer of the chair for Software for Systems on Silicon at the RWTH Aachen University. Since 2014, Jeronimo is in the department of computer science of the TU Dresden as professor for compiler construction in the context of the German excellence cluster “Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden” (cfaed). His research interests lie on methodologies, languages, tools and algorithms for programming complex computing systems.

Programming heterogeneous computing systems is still a daunting task that will become even more challenging with the advent of emerging, non-Von-Neumann computer architectures. The so-called golden age of computer architecture must be thus accompanied by a, hopefully, golden age of research in compilers and programming languages.

This talk discusses domain specific languages (DSLs) as a promising avenue to hide the system complexity from non-expert programmers while passing richer information to compilers. Concretely, the talk introduces example DSLs developed in interdisciplinary collaborations with researchers from physics simulations and computational biology.

The audience will see how such DSLs are been adapted in the context of the EU H2020 EVEREST project to tackle large scale use cases where HPC, machine learning, and big-data workloads converge. The talk closes with an outlook on emerging technologies and computational paradigms to further motivate the need for high-level programming abstractions.

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