CASUS Distinguished Lecture Series, Stefan Bauer, Associate Professor at TU Munich and Senior PI at Helmholtz AI

Abstract of the talk// Deep neural networks have achieved outstanding success in many tasks ranging from computer vision, to natural language processing, and robotics. However such models still pale in their ability to understand the world around us, as well as generalizing and adapting to new tasks or environments. One possible solution to this problem are causal models, since they can reason about the connections between causal variables and the effect of intervening on them. This talk will introduce the fundamental concepts of causal inference, connections and synergies with deep learning as well as practical applications and advances in sustainability and AI for science.

Stefan Bauer will be talking live in Görlitz. However, as the event is organized in a hybrid format that includes a videoconferencing tool by Zoom Inc., people interested in the topic have the chance to also join the talk remotely. Please ask for the login details via

If you want to get to know Stefan, please approach Artur Yakimovich, Young Investigator Group Leader CASUS/HZDR, to discuss the possibilities. Artur invited Stefan to Görlitz and is the host of the event.