The APS March Meeting is among the largest annual meetings of physicists around the world and covers a broad spectrum of topics.

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After successful registration meeting participants can access the talks both on-site in Chicago (USA) as well as remotely from anywhere in the world.

CASUS members at the APS March Meeting:

  • K. Ramakrishna, J. Vorberger, A. D. Baczewski, M. Lokamani, A. Cangi, Electrical Conductivity of Iron under Earth-Core Conditions from Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory, APS March Meeting 2022, 14.03.2022
  • S. Nikolov, J. Tranchida, A. Cangi, K. Ramakrishna, M. A. Wood, Probing Structural and Magnetic Phase Changes in the Shock Response of Iron with Molecular Dynamics, APS March Meeting 2022, 15.03.2022
  • T. J. Callow, N. E. Rahat, E. Kraisler, A. Cangi, Comparisons of density-functional average-atom models and measures of the mean ionization state, APS March Meeting 2022, 15.03.2022
  • L. Fiedler, G. A. Popoola, N. A. Modine, A. P. Thompson, A. Cangi, Size transferability of machine-learning based density functional theory surrogates, APS March Meeting 2022, 15.03.2022
  • K. Shah, A. Cangi, Accelerating Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory with Physics-Informed Neural Networks, APS March Meeting 2022, 16.03.2022
  • T. Hentschel, A. Kononov, A. D. Baczewski, A. Cangi, S. B. Hansen, Effects of electron-ion collisions on stopping powers in warm dense matter, APS March Meeting 2022, 16.03.2022