Open Exchange

CASUS Open Exchange is the linchpin of CASUS‘ networking with national and international partners. Open Exchange invites scientists from all over the world to research at CASUS and to exchange ideas with the local teams. For this purpose, a variety of measures are offered and constantly developed.

Topical Study Groups

On request, Open Exchange funds Topical Study Groups of up to 6 months in duration, in which teams of established scientists, postdoctoral researchers and doctoral students work together for a long period of time on a current ‚hot topic‘ at CASUS, using the resources of CASUS. Participants in the Topical Study Groups are required to present their work regularly at the work-in-progress seminars.

Internationally renowned top scientists can spend research visits at the center for up to one year and should collaborate with at least one Research Team (CASUS Visiting Faculty) and hold seminars on their research.

Latest CASUS Topical Study Groups

Other Open Exchange formats

Other forms of international exchange that can be funded on application include workshops (1 week) and focus meetings (2-3 days). CASUS holds one Annual Workshop per year, to which international top scientists from all over the world are invited to present their current research results and get an overview of the excellent CASUS research.

Furthermore, retreats of up to one week duration in inspiring locations in Germany and Poland can be applied for, where structured lecture series alternate with measures promoting group communication and the results of which are published in a report.

Agile formats such as hackathons, datathons, tutorials, hands-on projects and work-in-progress seminars are organized unbureaucratically and, above all, in consultation with doctoral students and postdocs as needed to facilitate fast and easy communication without major hurdles.

In the summer, CASUS also offers a CASUS Summer Camp, where students from all over the world will learn how to use modern data analysis and simulation methods in hands-on projects, where they will be able to work on guided research projects in small teams for up to eight weeks. These are accompanied by scientists from the Research Teams.

Latest CASUS Open Exchange


Any application for the above measures must be supported by at least one Research Team and one external researcher. Evaluation, organization and implementation of the different formats are handled by CASUS; they are regularly advertised online with the application deadlines. The goal is to link fast-developing topics and the latest research questions to CASUS without losing time.

CASUS Topical Study Groups – Application form and rules

CASUS Open Exchange – Application form and rules


All these measures are supported by a central administrative team in such a way that the bureaucratic, organizational and logistical effort is minimized for all scientists involved. The team is responsible for scheduling appointments, organizing travel, accommodation and social events, and assisting academics with visas, dealing with government agencies, organizing language courses, assisting with relocation and housing searches, and personal matters such as health impairments. Special emphasis is placed on supporting scientists who are traveling with children and family. Local childcare facilities are mediated for the children.