Work with us and apply for a free stay in Görlitz

You are convinced by the mission of CASUS and the science done here at the institute. But maybe you are not yet sure if Görlitz is the perfect town to spent the next phase of your life in.

Of course we will continue to assure that this doubt is groundless. Görlitz is a great town to life and work in. In case you still needed a little nudge: As we at CASUS contribute to the city’s goal of becoming a climate neutral city by 2030, you were eligible for a free-of-charge three-months-stay for up to four people in a fully furnished flat. After the official deadline to apply for the project “Testing the City of the Future” has already expired in early June 2021 (and we cross fingers that one or more bids by CASUS will convince the jury) the program still accepted applications. Beginning with 1 November 2021 no more applications will be considered.

Finding a flat in Görlitz is neither particularly difficult nor complicated. If you would like to embark on the adventure “City on Trial” without a pre-financed flat, please contact our International Office. We will do our best to support you in finding a place to stay.

Our CASUS scientists offer challenging projects in the fields of systems biology, materials science under ambient and extreme conditions, earth system research, autonomous driving and digital health. Feel free to contact them. Of course, your own ideas are welcome, too. For realizing your research agenda, you may also be able to tap the CASUS resources. Just take a look at our Open X programs.