Professional Support

Our professional support can help you i. a. with the following issues.


Name E-mail Description Scope of support Links

Daniel Kotik
Computational Physicist and Software Developer with a background in quantum physics
  • Python, C++, Cython, Julia
  • Git, CI/CD
  • JupyterLab and Jupyter Notebooks
  • PyTorch/Tensorflow
  • PostgreSQL, a bit of R
  • OpenMP/MPI
  • Docker, Kubernetes


Giuseppe Barbieri
Software Developer
  • Jvm (kotlin, java)
  • basic of C, C++ and Git
  • graphics APIs: OpenGL, Vulkan
  • gpgpu APIs: OpenCL, Cuda
  • Gradle, including advanced CI/CD
  • Intellij Idea
  • libraries such as imgui, glm, gli, assimp, jni
  • porting code from native to jvm

Franz Pöschel
Computer Scientist and Software Developer
  • large-scale scientific I/O, file-based and streaming IO methods
  • usage and development support: openPMD, PIConGPU
  • usage support: ADIOS1 and ADIOS2, HDF5, pybind11, MPI
  • high-performance computing (Hemera, Taurus, Summit)
  • library design and development
  • programming languages: C, C++, Python
  • programming tooling: Git, Bash, CMake


Jiri Vyskocil
Software Development and Computational Plasma Physics
  • C++, CUDA, Python
  • High Performance Computing, OpenMP, MPI
  • Parallel Algorithms, Numerics, Differential Equations
  • Virtual Reality, Unity
  • Scientific Visualization, Paraview
  • Git, CI/CD
  • Linux administration
  • Web development, Systems integration