Administration Team

Our administration team can help you i. a. with the following issues. E-mail:

Name E-mail Scope of support

Michał Bajda
  • Events management, workshops, seminars, retreats

Philipp von Haymerle


  • Project management
  • Office work organization
  • Budget release for: – Personnel requests – Business trips – Orders and invoices – Events – Third party funding requests
  • Preparation of contracts:- Cooperation contracts – R&D contract – research and development contract – MOU – User contract – Contracts for the financing of events at third parties
  • Reporting
  • Third-party funding applications: – Support in filling out application documents – Calculation of costs – Classification in HZDR systematics – Coordination of communication and progress with HZDR departments (finance, third-party funds, human resources, contracts, executive board)
  • Human resources: – Release of leave requests – Release of mobile work requests

Rafał Koprowski
  • Portrait pictures
  • Event video and photography
  • Logo development
  • Technical support for online, hybrid events
  • Creative technical development and creation of online content
  • Corporate design compliance
  • UX/UI

Martin Laqua
  • Science communication (How can I best get my message across – to different audiences from the general public to funding agencies and politicians?)
  • (Science-related) press releases, website posts, social media posts
  • CASUS marketing (leaflets, roll-ups etc.)
  • Event marketing
  • Website

Claudia Lyson
  • Organizing appointments with CASUS Director and Scientific Head
  • Travel and conference reservation and reimbursement

Weronika Mazur
  • Onboarding
  • Support with German authorities (e.g. residence permit, registration)
  • CASUS SPOC for employment issues
  • CASUS International Office
  • Collaborations in the tri-border region
  • HiLusatia!
  • Coordination of the acquisition of third-party funding by CASUS
  • CASUS in the PoF

Justyna Michalczyk
  • tba

Mathias Mudra
  • Software issues
  • Mail, calendar setup
  • Seminars, meetings, workshop – IT setup
  • Hardware order

Weronika Schlechte-Wełnicz
  • Organization of CASUS Institute Seminars and CASUS Hands-on Software Seminars

Ulrich Seidel
  • Software issues
  • Mail, calendar setup
  • Seminars, meetings, workshop – IT setup
  • Hardware order