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Upon arrival


We offer to arrange your accommodation (hostel or vacation rental) for the initial period of your stay. Please let us know ahead of time if you intend to make use of this service.

We will then help you find a suitable apartment in Görlitz and assist you with all connected formalities. You will be required to complete a self-disclosure form and provide several documents such as a copy of your passport and work contract. Please note the cancellation period enforced by your rental agreement.

The total rent of an apartment (Warmmiete) consists of two main expenses: the net monthly rent for the space (Kaltmiete) and all additional costs such as water, property tax, gas, electricity, heating and waste disposal services. Some of these additional expenses are shared by all tenants, whereas others will be calculated based on personal use. For all expenses billed per household (electricity, gas, and internet) you need to set up a contract on your own.

Keep in mind that there is also a mandatory broadcasting fee (GEZ) for media (TV, radio, etc.) which is to be paid in monthly or quarterly installments whether you actually use such media devices in your apartment or not.

More information can be found here.

Registration, residence permit, work permit


Within 2 weeks after your arrival in Germany you must register your new home address at the local registration office (Bürgeramt) and obtain a registration certificate. This document (Meldebescheinigung) is valid as a proof of residency and is needed for several important administrative practicalities such as applying for a residence permit, opening a bank account, setting up a mobile phone or cable contract.

The required documents are:

  • your passport or ID card (EU citizens);
  • your rental agreement and a confirmation of residence from your landlord (Wohnungsgeberbestätigung);
  • a birth certificate (for children) and a marriage certificate (for spouses).

You can make an appointment also online.

Residence permit

Citizens of non-EU countries need to apply for a residence permit by the expiration date of their entry visa. An appointment should be scheduled at the local immigration office (Ausländerbehörde) or via email at

Preparing the following documents ahead of time will speed up the process:

  • Application form;
  • Work or fellowship contract;
  • Valid passport;
  • Copy of your rental agreement;
  • Certificate of your health insurance;
  • Biometric passport photograph;
  • Marriage certificate and its legalization for international use (original and translation);
  • Birth certificate and its legalization for international use (of your children).

If you’re a newcomer from non-EU country you have to apply for a residence permit before your entry visa runs out. The appointment should be done at the local immigration office (Ausländeramt) or via email:

You can look for apartments on the common online search portals:

Apartment sharing is an alternative to renting an entire apartment which is very common among students. The most comprehensive online search portal is given below:

You can also compare and look for best offer from many providers through:

The city of Görlitz welcomes new residents with a welcome package. Further details are to be found here.

Registration Office


Hugo-Keller-Str. 14

02826 Görlitz

Tel.: +49 3581 67-2737

Local Immigration Office

Landratsamt Görlitz, Außenstelle Görlitz Otto-Müller-Straße 7

02826 Görlitz

Floor: Groundfloor: Room: 12

Tel.: +49  3581 663-5180

Work permit

For non-EU citizen your residence permit is also your work permit. Depending on your citizenship you will apply from abroad for both a work permit and a visa.  Citizens of Canada, USA, Australia, Israel, New Zealand, Japan, and South Korea are eligible to apply for a work permit separately after their arrival in Germany.

Opening bank account

After registering at the local registration office, you can set up a bank account. There are several branches close to CASUS.

Health insurance

As an employee of the German public service you will be enrolled in the compulsory health insurance system. You can select a suitable health insurance provider (Krankenkasse). Our HR department will provide detailed information and our International Office will help you apply. You can find more information here. A comparative overview of the services offered by different insurance providers can be found here.

Liability insurance
While not mandatory, it is highly recommended to sign up for a liability insurance (Private Haftpflichtversicherung). It covers all damages you may cause by accident to third parties. It is also highly recommended to sign up for a household insurance (Hausratversicherung) which will cover any damage or loss to your property (for example to furniture and household appliances), damages caused by fire, explosions, storms, theft, burst pipe and such.